Toros Vision combination heat pump

Characteristics Toros Vision combination heat pump:

  • 2 to 16 kW heating capacity (B/W)
  • High level of comfort due to new and silent compressors, from 29 dBA
  • High tap water temperatures, up to 60 °C, without electric post-heating
  • Very compact fitting-dimensions, e.g. the Toros could be mounted into the staircase
  • Very flexible due to external boiler (150, 200 or 300 litre)
  • No buffer tank needed



  • Advanced monitoring of usage and performance using Wifi-connection
  • Measurement of usage heat pump possible and potential proceeds of solar panels (suitable for “nul op de meter” concept)
  • Remote service possible
  • Integration of solar panels for tap water, central heating and source regeneration
  • Integrating passive cooling
  • Straightforward installation
  • Development and production in the Netherlands
  • Delivery by Techneco with optional source and floor heating system
  • Our own customer service department with, amongst others, multi-annual service contracts

Toros Vision combination heat pump

The Toros Vision combination heat pump is a ground-coupled heat pump that can heat, cool and produce hot tap water.

The Toros Vision belongs to the new generation of combination heat pump due to its high efficiency, monitoring and remote service and integration with optional solar panels.

The Toros Vision heat pump can be combined with solar panels (for electricity) as well as solar collectors (for heat) to make the installation economical and sustainable. The usage and produced electricity of the solar panels can be measured. This concept makes the Toros Vision heat pump extremely suitable for the “nul op de meter” concept.

In het Nederland: “Hoog rendement, monitoring, remote service en integratie met mogelijkheid op zonnecollectoren voor verwarming, warm tapwater en regeneratie, behoort de Toros Vision tot een nieuwe generatie combiwarmtepompen.” Deze zin klopt niet. Iets van: ‘door een hoog rendement,….., behorrt de toros…”

Very compact, flexible and silent

The Toros Vision is the most compact combination heat pump on the market. It can be installed in a flexible way, because the Toros Vision contains an external boiler and does not need a buffer tank. The Toros Vision has a sound pressure level of 29 dBA, which is low for a combination heat pump.

No buffer tank needed

Techneco developed the GIW-box so that no buffer tank is needed. The GIW-box makes sure that the heating system always has enough free system capacity.

Online monitoring with service

The performance of the Toros Vision is recorded using an online monitoring tool. This tool gives a complete insight in the usage and performance (e.g. SCOP) over the years. The solar panels can also be monitored.

Remote monitoring and service

The Toros Vision has integrated sensors to satisfy the regulations for ground-coupled heat pumps. There is no need to purchase any expensive energy gauges. The monitored information can be optimally used due to the fully integrated system.

In addition, owners and suppliers of heat pumps are required to monitor the energy management and performance by law (AMvB for subsurface energy). This is no problem for the Toros Vision due to the already integrated sensors.

Techneco used the new regulation to also accurately measure and register all energy flows of the system. We offer our users not only an advanced room thermostat, but also the possibility to get insight in the performance of the heat pump.

“Nul op de meter” housing (NOM)

A NOM housing is producing the same amount of energy as or more than needed for its own energy consumption. The Toros Vision can measure and monitor all energy performances using the intelligent regulation.

Door de intelligente regeling kan de Toros Vision alle benodigde energie metingen meten en monitoren.

Service contracts

Techneco has its own customer service department for maintenance and malfunctions. Techneco offers service contracts to business users. Amongst others, we can offer multi-annual all-in service contracts.

Toros Vision with solar collectors

The Techneco Toros Vision heat pump is also suitable for the combination with solar collectors (thermic energy generation). The intelligent monitoring system determines if the available energy is used for producing hot tap water, heating or regeneration of the source. This decision depends on the availability of the energy, the temperatures and the heat demand. The “free” solar energy will be optimally used in this way.

Different amounts of energy are available during the year. Understandably, there is more available energy during the summer than during the winter. In summer is it for instance easier to produce hot tap water, due to higher temperatures. The generally lost energy during colder periods can be used more useful when using solar collectors for heating and regeneration of the source.


Tap water

The solar collectors assure 40 to 50 % of the energy for producing hot tap water. The COP (coefficient of performance) for the hot tap water production will increase sufficiently, up to 6 or higher. The heat will be used to regenerate the source or to heat the housing if no hot tap water is needed.

Central heating

It is harder to produce hot tap water during the cold winter months due to the lower temperatures. (due to the higher temperatures needed). Solar energy can be used very usefully to heat the housing during this period. Around 15% of the heat demand can be delivered by the solar collectors. This is a “passive” process, which means without involvement of the heat pump.

Regeneration of the source

Heat can be extracted from the air to regenerate the source, even during the cold winter months. This makes the regeneration of the source possible all year long. This process accommodates optimal usage of the solar collectors throughout the year. The source temperature can be measured up to 3 to 5 degrees higher when using the solar collectors. The SCOP (S? coefficient of performance) of the system can go up significantly only looking at the regeneration of the source,