Robur gas absorption heat pump


  • Heat capacity starting with 38 kW up to 600 kW.
  • High efficiency using gas, as well for higher temperatures.
  • Straightforward installation, delivery system preserved when renovating.
  • Up to five heat pumps in one framework.
  • Outdoor air can be used to extract heat, no source investment needed.
  • Competitively-priced.
  • Also suitable for cooling.
  • Also available with open or closed source.

The Robur gas absorption heat pump can be used perfectly well in existing housing or renovation. Usually there is no floor heating system present, when there is a gas connection. In these situations it is more convenient to use the gas absorption heat pump instead of an electrical heat pump.

The gas absorption heat pump can generate temperatures up to 65°C. This feature combined with a high efficiency boiler makes the system particularly efficient in combination with a medium-high temperature system. The efficiency for heating varies with source and central heating temperatures between 100 % (A-10/W65) and 167 % (A15/W35). The efficiency can go up to 200 % when simultaneously heating and cooling.


Techneco delivers gas absorption heat pumps that can extract heat from water or the ground. In this case, the source which is needed can be smaller than for electrical heat pumps. No source investment is needed when outside air is used to extract heat.

The gas absorption heat pump is not only suitable for the existing housing or renovations, but is also very profitable in new housing with large gas consumption. Schools, industrial buildings, swimming pools, healthcare institutions and apartment complexes are gratefully using this system!

Interested in the Robur gas absorption heat pump? Do you want to know if this system is suitable for your situation? Contact us and let us advice you.