Elga hybrid heat pump

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  • One type suitable for all housing
  • Suitable for all delivery systems and all gas boilers
  • Development and production in Delft
  • Modulating, no buffer tank needed*
  • Relatively low investment and high savings
  • Integrated cooling
  • Straightforward installation
  • Remote monitoring (with the Anna thermostat)

elga hybride warmtepomp met toshiba en chromotherm thermostaat

The Elga is a smart modulating hybrid heat pump that can work side by side every gas boiler. The Elga provides for the rise of energy-efficient housing due to its attractive payback time.

The indoor unit will be placed next to the gas boiler, while the outdoor unit will be placed on the roof, in the garden or attached to the facade. It takes one day to install the Elga and it is suitable for almost every (post-insulated) housing.

The highest efficiency will be achieved in all circumstances by combining the Elga with a gas boiler. The gas boiler will turn on only when needed for heating or when preparing hot tap water.

Your indoor comfort will be the same as you are used to with a gas boiler. The efficiency of the Elga heat pump will decline only with low outdoor temperatures, this is when the Elga will turn off and the gas boiler takes over. There are several possibilities for the Elga settings, this depends on the characteristics of your housing and the gas and electricity price.

Using the Elga will save 50-90 % on gas consumption. No gas is saved when preparing tap water. The energy costs savings will be 20-35 %, when taking the extra electricity costs into account. The Elga does not prepare tap water, because usually the efficiency of an electrical heat pump to make tap water is quite low.


The Elga heat pump can also be combined with district heating. You can save on the variable costs of district heating. Your annual fixed charges will be the same, because the district heating connection will stay in place.

In addition to heating, the Elga can cool. The Elga is capable to lower the temperature of the housing with a few degrees during summer if your delivery system is suitable. It is not possible to cool using radiators.

The Elga has the energy label A++, this makes it possible to increase the energy label of your housing with 2 steps.

Monitoring the Elga is possible by acquiring the smart Anna thermostat. This thermostat is especially customized for you to be able to see when the Elga is operational or when the gas boiler is active.

The annual savings on your energy bill by using an Elga will usually come down to 200-500 euros.

Do you want an accurate calculation of your savings? Go to the Elga savings calculator.

Here you can find your annual savings with the Elga heat pump

The table below will give you an idea on the annual savings when using the Elga heat pump.

Housing with
a central heating boiler District heating
Annual gas consumption (m3) Annual savings Annual heat consumption (GJ) Annual savings
1500 € 191 34 € 263
1800 € 239 43 € 329
2100 € 287 51 € 395
2500 € 319 57 € 439
3000 € 398 71 € 549
3500 € 478 86 € 659
Calculated with an average gas price of 0,60 per m3, electricity price of 0,19 per kWh and heat price of 24,- per GJ. These calculations are indicative, no rights can be derived from this.

Installation instruction movie of Elga hybrid heat pump

Are you an installer or interested in the installation of the Elga heat pump? Below you can find a movie where every step is documented including the necessary tools and delivered materials.

Delivered materials

  • Techneco Elga indoor unit
  • Outdoor unit
  • Chromotherm touch thermostat
  • Two back-flow valves
  • Two NTC sensors
  • User manual

Extra possibilities

  • Anna thermostat (for remote monitoring)
  • TRB 10 outdoor sensor (for weather dependent regulation)
  • Cable for enhanced functionality (incombination with sun regulation/multi-zone system)

*If the Elga hybrid heat pump is regulated on weather conditions and you have a multi zone system and no floor heating is used, then we advise to use a buffer tank.