Aqauatop heat pump


  • Capable of using a cascade system up to 600 kW.
  • Able to heat, cool and produce hot tap water.
  • Possibility of active cooling with Aquatop T.
  • Many possibilities in system set-up.
  • Weather dependent regulation possible using GBS.
  • Competitively-priced.
  • Techneco can deliver including source and floor heating system

Techneco Aquatop water/water and brine/water heat pump

The Aquatop is a very energy sparing, silent, and compact heat pump. The gas consumption of almost all new housing can be reduced to zero when using this ground sourced heat pump, for normal housing to villas. In addition, the aquatop is applicable in existing housing.

The Techneco Aquatop brine/water or water/water heat pump is connected to a ground source energy system. The heat pump can be used for heating, cooling and producing hot tap water. The Aquatop can also be combined with a boiler when having a high hot tap water demand. The standard system set-up of all Aquatop models is made for passive cooling using a heat exchanger. In addition, active cooling is possible with the Aquatop T using the compressor. Cooling temperatures of 7°C can be reached using this heat pump.

Interested in the Aquatop heat pump? Do you want to know if this system is suitable for your situation? Contact us and let us advice you.