Heat pumps

Techneco produces and is a supplier of heat pumps. The aim of Techneco is to stop the gas consumption in the Netherlands. This opportunity is given by using Techneco’s heat pumps. We deliver several types of heat pumps to installers and housing corporations, for already existing housing, housing development and utilities.

We offer both electrical and gas absorption heat pumps. Most of them can be delivered with active as well as passive cooling. We also have heat pumps suitable for producing warm tap water.

Our product range

Short description of different types of heat pumps

A heat pump heats up your house and produces warm (tap) water. The heat pump has a high efficiency (COP) by using the “free” heat from the surroundings and thereby is a source of sustainable energy. The heat pump can use the heat from the air, the ground or the groundwater. It is a good alternative next to or as a replacement of traditional gas boilers or district heating. Techneco offers a broad variety of heat pumps. Hereafter, you can find a short description of the several available heat pumps and find out which is best applicable to you.

Hybrid heat pump

The Elga heat pump is a hybrid heat pump. It is a hybrid system, because the electric system and gas supply work simultaneously. The Elga heat pump is placed next to the already existing gas boiler. The heat pump system will predominantly produce the heat, but the boiler can step in if necessary. For example, during a cold winter or when you quickly want to heat up your house. An Elga heat pump could be something for you if you recently bought a new gas boiler or if your existing boiler works fine. The Elga is a typical solution to help the Netherlands in the energy transition towards zero gas consumption.

Full electric heat pump

We have three heat pump options if your housing can be fully disconnected from the gas supply. The Loria air/water heat pump, Toros Vision combination heat pump and the Aquatop brine/water heat pump. These options fully replace the traditional gas boiler. In addition to that, they can both heat, cool and produce warm water for e.g. your shower (tap water).

The Loria is an air/water heat pump for your housing. It gets its heat from the air outside, just like the Elga does. The Toros Vision and the Aquatop get their heat from the ground. These two options are connected to a soil system (correct term? Or ground system?). The Toros Vision is recommended for housing development. The Aquatop is suitable for big housing and utilities.

Gas absorption heat pump

The Robur, a gas absorption heat pump, is mainly suitable for existing housing where gas is used extensively. This heat pump gets its heat from the air outside or from the ground. The Robur works well in utilities, swimming pools, apartments and other complexes.