Elga hybrid heat pump

Elga hybrid heat pump

ElgaTechneco developed an innovative solution that is as simple as it is effective: the Elga heat pump.
A smart modulating heat pump that works with any existing gas boiler.

The Techneco Elga is a hybrid air-to-water heat pump with indoor and outdoor unit. The indoor unit is mounted next to the boiler, the outdoor unit on a roof or on a wall. The Elga can be installed in one day and suits almost every home, both new and existing.

The highest efficiency is guaranteed under all conditions due to the clever combination of the heat pump and the gas boiler. Only when the heat pump doesn’t provide sufficient power to maintain the requested comfort, the boiler generates additional capacity. At low outside temperatures, the heat pump has a lower efficiency than a gas boiler, and the Elga switches off.

Combined with district heating instead of a gas boiler the return on investment is even better!

The Elga heat pump is also able to provide cooling.[1] Depending of the applied system, the room(s) can be cooled down a few degrees during summer.


  • one type fits (nearly) all
  • “best of both worlds” combining electricity and gas
  • modulating so a buffer tank is not required
  • high savings and relatively low investment
  • integrated cooling
  • simple installation
  • development and production in the Netherlands

Wondering if the system suits your situation and needs? Please contact us and ask for advice at info@techneco.nl or gives a call at +31 (015) 21 91 000. It is also possible to provide calculation on your estimated savings on our website (in Dutch).

[1] Only with underfloor heating or fan-coil units