About us

Techneco: more than 20 years of experience with heat pumps

Reducing Dutch gas consumption to zero. That is what motivates Techneco. We are a family company with more than 23 years of experience with heat pump technologies. We are continuously looking for solutions to lower the gas consumption for housing and other buildings. Together with a team of more than 40 specialist we are contributing to a cleaner environment.

Techneco: specialist in heat pumps

Techneco is a supplier of several types of heat pumps. Amongst them are hybrid, gas absorption and fully electrical heat pumps. These are used in housing development and utilities, both existing and new housing. In addition to that, we can also deliver the sources and floor heating to fully unburden our customers. Techneco has a lot of technical knowledge to help and support you with the purchase of your heat pump.

Techneco: complete heat pump system

Techneco offers a complete integrated heat pump system; the source, the heat pump, the boiler, the connections and heat delivery system. We make sure that the different components are perfectly compatible. Techneco has a broad variety of quality heat pumps, therefore we can find a suitable solution depending on your wishes and situation.

Techneco: How we work

Techneco delivers heat pumps to professional installers. Together with the installer we design a heat pump system that is best suitable for your situation. This is to guarantee the most efficient solution. Every project will be supervised by one of our experience project managers, so that you have one contact person for all your questions. Additionally, we offer aftercare when the system is fully operational.

Techneco: Our local products

In our product range we have the Elga hybrid heat pump and Toros vision combination heat pump. Both are fully developed by us. We are continuously innovating these products in Delft, so they keep up with the best Dutch innovative products. These heat pumps are also fully produced in the Netherlands.

Techneco: What we can do for you

Are you an installer and do you have a project in which you want to apply one of our systems? Please contact our sales department and we would like to make an appointment with you to see what Techneco can do for you. There is also the possibility to fill in the contact form.

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